dont look back. look forward.

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Some hearts understand each other, even in silence.

I want to sit with someone at 3 am and talk. Like really talk. I want you to tell me what keeps you up at night, that dream you keep having, what certain songs make you feel like, what you think happens after death. Talk to me about your family and your dreams.

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Memories will never be forgotten, all I want to know is that our memories get brought up & talked about & are still cherished… Is that too much to ask?

Falling in love the second time

In the end, when we treated each other like garbage.. we did it because our love hurt us so much & we were scared of out differences, we never wants to leave each others sides… It’s sad we never saw that. Time apart was miserable, not talking was tough, I’ve never experienced so much pain with someone before, falling in love the second time around is truly a lot here than the first, the hole & gap the first person leave you with, you find someone to finally trust & believe in, they fill that open space in your heart & leave foot steps all over the rest. There’s always more left over from the second person who you have your heart to… Falling in love is one thing but falling in love the second time is unexplained.. there is no third time for anything.