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If you’re feeling down, I’ll go down on you

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nawsretnuh asked: Fuck what anyone else thinks. Do you,live your life and do what you need to do in order to be happy. And when all else fails, go melt some tires off you car that always helps.


Hahaha melting tires 👏 I like that lol thank you made me laugh

I’m so over negativity. My mind cannnnnot handle it. It stressed me out & I haven’t woken up with one of these headaches since may. Not doing it again. I’m gonna turn my day completely around today. Not going to let 2 people who are involved in an argument that me & my ex boyfriend have continuing because we are both childish. I’m done stressing over that part of my life. It has made me physically sick in the past, I can’t do it again. Without alcohol nothing would have went the way it did last night. I get mixed emotions, I am so used to getting mixed signals, like I was - I’m just going to continue on with trying to move on since that’s what’s best. I know there will be road block & people putting me down but I can’t let them put me down over choices I make that will help me move on. Because that’s the only right decision in the end. Moving on. I can’t run away & move from my problems, so I have to push myself through them.